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About our founder:

As a trusted and accredited contractor, Mike Camara has successfully and responsibly managed and completed building renovations, as well as structural alterations within the construction industry for nearly 2 decades. What began as a traditional summer construction labourers' job , in 1995 had soon developed into a real passion and pastime for Mike. 

  What came to fruition from years of hands on working experience, as well as continued construction technical education, was a willful desire to provide exceptional workmanship at fair market value pricing, all while continuing to maintain the trust and integrity that clients had come to expect as time progressed. And so the birth of Serenium Group Inc in 2003.

  As  an independent contractor for 4 years, Mike retained the knowledge and discipline required to oversee and and complete projects within the residential sector, from new builds to cosmetic interior upgrades. Soon after, as Serenium Group Inc grew, so did the workload and business plan. The opportunity to work within the commercial and government sector presented itelf, as such, Mike decided to provide services specifically to these sectors , however; not before having his work featured on both Property Brothers, as well as Candice Tells All.

  Today, Serenium Group Inc has developed into a multi faceted general contracting firm, equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to oversee and manage mid to large scale projects. Our current portfolio includes clientele from the commercial, private business, government as well as food and service industries. Mike's experience,keen attention to detail, and business backround ensure your project will be handled with the care and diligence it deserves.